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    With over 30 years in the entrepreneurial arena, I've journeyed through diverse industries—from serving in the Military and Electronic Maintenance to Casino Management, Published Author, and Sports Team Leadership. It's this rich tapestry of experiences that allows me to connect with your unique business needs, offering fresh perspectives and actionable solutions.


    Every successful business hinges on the right guidance. That's why I'm selective about the clients I work with, ensuring we resonate and drive towards success together. My mission? To collaboratively streamline your processes, advise you, build dynamic teams, and help you realize your vision.


    On a personal note, child safety is near and dear to my heart. If your business intersects with this domain, we can also explore ways to ensure it stands as a beacon of safety for every child.


    Remember, we're on this journey called life together. And as I always say, "We are supposed to make this world better than in which we came into it. What will your legacy say about you?"

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    alamo city all-stars aba basketball team

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    Military veterans against child abuse


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    The Official Streaming Network of the American Basketball Association (ABA)

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    All-Stars cares nonprofit

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    American Basketball association (ABA) website

    The Official website of the ABA

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    aba sports realty group (asrg)

    ABA Basketball Multi-Event Arenas

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