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    Growing up safe and unafraid

    Great child safety tips on some common and uncommon topics from A-Z about keeping children safe in today's world.

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    The ABC's and 123's of child safety

    Meet Ryan, Anna, Matthew, Sophia, Faith, and their trusted protector, Samson the Safety Dog! Together they are the All-Star Safety Patrol Kids, and they're here to help your child learn the ABCs and 123s of safety. From playing with friends to avoiding strangers, the All-Star Safety Patrol Kids can teach your child everything he or she needs to know to make smart, safe choices along with practicing the alphabet and counting to ten.

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    A-B-C learn safety with me!

    The A-B-C Learn Safety With Me! is an excellent tool to teach young children about safety and is the bilingual version of The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety. Not only does it teach children their alphabet and numbers, but they also learn valuable life-saving safety tips.