Five Habits Professional Athletes Use To Succeed

1. Track with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

OKRs are effective methods used to track success. Large companies like Google use them to track the effectiveness of their development and sales teams. Many Athletes use OKRs to track their progressions in strength, injury prevention, mental capacity, and much more.

2. Eat wholesome food.

Your body and brain crave healthy, nutritious foods to be at their best. When you eat a nutritious diet, not only will you enjoy stronger health, but your brain responds with benefits such as greater alertness, increased energy, better focus, and a feeling of general wellbeing.

• Stock up on whole foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

• Make your own bone broth and use it whenever a recipe calls for water.

• Limit sugar and avoid processed foods.

3. Visualize winning. Your mindset can make or break your goal achievement.

Many athletes visualize winning the game before it ever starts. They go into the game knowing that they’re going to win and then they naturally follow through with theactions that make it happen. You can do the same with your goals.

4. Show confidence, also known as Smack Talk.

Many athletes will talk just as much as they play, but it could be one reason they are so successful! Some sport psychologists say that athletes that talk smack have more confidence than those that don't. So, get talking (just don't anger your boss).

5. Wear dominant colors.

Our eyes perceive things differently depending on their color. Many athletes work out in dominant colors like red, purple, and black because these colors show dominance. Try wearing dominant colors to take control of any situation - subconsciously, at least.

Try out these hacks on a consistent basis for at least 30 days and experience the positive differences they can make on your journey to success.