Effective New Business Strategies

In the first 3-36 months of my business, I successfully completed a sales and expense forecast.

Over the first three months, I successfully completed a start-up cost budget that includes equipment and

capital expenditures and organizational expenses.

I have thoroughly outlined in a reporting form what each staff member’s job entails and how often they

should report to me.

Having charted a step-by-step plan of action, I have ensured a smooth procedure that can be easily followed

by anyone.

I keep my tasks and those I delegate separate, and I monitor as needed.

I hired a competent attorney, as well as a CPA, business consultant, and business coach to assist me.

I utilize well-sourced sales projections to establish inventory, personnel, and monetary needs.

My ultimate goals are clearly stated, visually displayed, and tracked so that they are thoroughly understood by

everyone, including myself.

If a plan that I have implemented is shown by current market indicators to be lacking, I am always willing to

rethink, rewrite, or even scrap the initial plan.

I make sure that I am always on course by tracking my plan of action daily.

I target new demographics and devise effective ways of defining their needs and wants.

My business plan is always changing, as is the market.

I have studied successful business models, and educated myself about modern business practices.

Business Strategy